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your member of congress. it does make a difference, and you can help us kill this bill. thank you and god bless. >> another physician member from tennessee, dr. phil rowe. >> i cannot believe the crowd that is here. health care decisions should be made between a patient and their family and not a federal bureaucrat, not a government bureaucrat. do you want a person, a government bureaucrat who cannot write a check for "cash- for-clunkers" in charge of your gall bladder operation? i certainly do not. i will finish by saying i am writing a prescription right here in my hand for the american people. kill this bill by the american people, no generic substitutions. thank you for being here. [applause]
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>> another gentleman from new jersey, chris smith. >> ladies and gentlemen, on tuesday new jersey rallied and united as never before. i want to thank the bear for being out there and campaigned for chris christie. we now have a new governor and a new governor in virginia. that message needs to be replicated, duplicated all across the country. if we unite, we win. ladies and gentlemen, obama care will slash medicare, hurting our senior citizens and our disabled persons. obama care has no reform in the area of tort reform. when it comes to abortion, obama care in the new a programs
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created by public fund abortions, leading to massive increases in the killing of unborn children and the wounding of their mothers. please fight hard and sustain this effort. thank you. >> is this kind of fortitude and diligence that will allow us to kill this bill. next up, the gentleman from ohio. >> thank you very much for being here. when i go home every weekend, i talk to my constituents. a lot of them say, what can i do? i am only one person. when i look across here today, i see what one person can do and what many people can do. they say you are only preaching to the choir, but remember, it is the choir that saves the congregation. are you going to get out there and get to work to make sure that this bill does not pass to
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save america? what are going to do? we are counting on you. there are only so many of us here that can stop this bill. we count on the american people to make phone calls to tell your neighbors. if you are in church, at the grocery store, or a gas station, you have to talk. we only have hours, but the destiny of this country is in your hands. >> a gentleman who has been working diligently for freedom, mr. kevin brady from texas. >> you are the cavalry. i don't know about you, but standing here on the capitol steps, can you feel the arrogance? can you fill the arrogance of that capital and this white house?
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how dare you question their health care bill? how dare you want to read their health care bill? we are here today to stop this, but not just that. when history writes the story of this debate, when our children ask where we stood, let them say we stood for less government, less taxes, and more freedom. with your help, we will deliver that for our kids. god bless you. >> texas' is full of wonderful patriots. >> thank you everybody for being here today. this is a spectacular example of why the constitution is an important document. for you to come to the steps and disagree with the government in charge. decisions are made by those who show up. you have shown up today to stop
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this bill. call your member of congress and call the speaker and tell her to kill this bill. god bless each one of you, god bless texas, and god bless this country. @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ it. >> another gentleman from texas,
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mr. p. olson. >> one more time, how many texans are out there? how many think you can pay more taxes, you are not taxed enough? how many think our budget is not high enough? how many think it is a good idea to have a government bureaucrat deciding treatment for your doctor? this would not be happening without you. it started in august back home at our t parties and town halls. we need you all to keep working for us. we are going to defeat these people. it is more important for our
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children and grandchildren. >> the gentleman from kansas. >> thank you for coming out. the numbers are very clear. they have more than 250 votes in the house. they only need 218. they have 60 votes in the senate, and down pennsylvania avenue, they control the white house. they can force this through. they can take away your freedom to choose your doctor, how much you pay for your insurance, but they cannot take away our freedom, because we are here to fight for it. this bill is over 1.2 trillion dollars. there are 118 bureaucracies created and more than 28 different bureaucracies that are given such sums as required.
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the price is going to go up. there are hidden costs that bind our freedoms and take money out of our pockets. if they do pass this, i will stand with you to fight to repeal it. god bless you all. >> the gentleman from utah, mr. ron bishop. >> you all have been your a long time, and i appreciate your patience. if we are going to stop this approach and turn things around so that our options and our future is based on freedom, it will take a long time and a lot of patience. our founding fathers had a solution, a college federalism. if you want everyone in this country to do the exact same thing at the same time, only the federal government can do it. if you want justice, federalism
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and the states or the way it will take place. they did not try to limit the government for the fun of it. they wanted to limited because it is inefficient. there is one thing in this bill, it is the fact that the bottom line is that it increases the power of washington, not ennobling individuals. thank you for your patience in being here. keep up the work. >> please know that there are some of us here today that are fighting every day for your families, your income, and your freedom. america deserves better than this bill, and you deserve better. thanks for being here today and having your voice be heard. >> the gentleman from mississippi, mr. greg harper.
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>> i know we have some folks from mississippi of your. we can hear you inside the capitol. keep it up. keep fighting. we are going to win. god bless you all. >> a great gentleman from florida. >> look where we are today. look where we are. they shut down the throats of the american people the stimulus package, and we have lost jobs. now they want to shut down 1.5 trillion dollars to increase the price up health care. speaker pelosi, the american people have rejected your bill. speaker pelosi, congress must listen and also reject this monstrosity. we are going to win, because the american people will not be
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denied. thank you for being here. >> and other gentleman from florida, john micah. >> i talked to my wife in florida last night, and she said they just do not get it. it has been lonely around here since september 12. welcome back. thank you for coming and thank you for helping us help them get in it. it will not be government takeover of our healthcare system in this country. thank you so much. >> we have a few more folks. mr. mike mccall from texas. >> we know something about liberty and tyranny.
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i want to thank you for being here. this is a great movement. i want you to send a message, no to the obama nation. i want you to send a message loud and clear to the blue dog, so-called conservative democrats. if you vote yes for this bill, you will be fired. >> another position from the great state of georgia. >> i just want to say how grateful i am to you practitioners of common sense and freedom loving people across this country that have come to washington to bring a second opinion to this congress. i know exactly what your second opinion says. if you have gotten a prescription, your going to take to them and assess the
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spends not one dime of my hard- earned dollars for the federal government to take over our healthcare system. take that prescription and let them know you mean business. we are going to stop this today. thank you all, and god bless you. >> from maryland, mr. roscoe bartlett. >> maryland, where are you? thank you for coming. this bill contains the word "shall"more than 3400 times. one of the things you must do if this bill passes is by a health- care policy. you do not, they are going to fine you. let's tell them what we think of this loud enough so they can hear it inside those walls.
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no, no, no. >> we are getting right to the moment where you can now tell them that. there is a saying in washington that everything has been said, but not everybody has set yet. to make that true, the jomon from texas. -- the gentleman from texas. >> thank you all for being here. it is a great day in america. this is america. your voice will not be neglected. it is heard throughout the entire country, not just here in washington d.c.
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this health care bill, as they call it, if it passes, it will have the confidence of fema, the efficiency of the post office, and the compassion of the irs. stay in the fight. because is righteous, your actions are just. we will not go away in the darkness of the night. fight for your country, because america is worth fighting for. god bless every one of you. [applause] >> we have a wonderful friend who has come over from the senate side. mr. sam brownback from kansas.
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>> i am just here to join my house colleagues and urged them forward. i came in in the revolution of 1994 into the house of representatives. when the democrats last tried to pass health care reform. if you think the national level is high then, it is much higher now. i will make one observation. we took the house and the senate of of what they tried to take over in the government at that time. if they pass this bill now, they have not seen nothing yet. it will be a huge election cycle in 2000. this bill should not pass. keep your passion high for freedom for america and not having this takeover by the government. >> you have been wonderfully patient. we have a few more folks, and then we are going to close, but
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god bless america. next up, a gentleman from freedom works who will talk about the individuals who came here. >> how is everyone doing today? it has been too long since you were here. i am known as the guy who pulled a permit for the march on february 2009. how many of you were here? we have protested, we have rallied. now we have to take our message, our voices directly to these buildings over here, the house office buildings. there may be some members of congress fighting right now. they may be in the basement or the cafeteria pretending like they are not a member. go and find them. you came a long way to be here. you deserve a meeting with them or their staff.
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please do not turn out and go home yet. after this program, please head directly this way to the house office buildings. go inside and meet with your members of congress and their staff. that is why we are here today. we have produced massive handouts and talking points to make it a little easier to it for you to find your way around. as angry as we are, be cordial, be orderly, and be an effective coordinator. there are a lot of members of congress who have not made their mind up, and we have to communicate with them. these are the people who hold the power to kill this bill. thank you for being here today. hopefully i will see you again soon in washington. [applause] >> a gentleman from texas, judge
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john carter. >> thank you. i have been up and down this road here, and you are of our fighting force. i hope you are like we are. we are mad as hell, and we are not going to take it anymore. they tell you there are things you cannot say around here, but we have a constitution. the offices are in those buildings. 1, 2, 3, go get them. god bless america. >> this is so extraordinary, and i want to thank you for coming today. thank you for making this happen. we are so grateful that you are here. we do not want to send you away empty-handed, so we have a parting gift for you.
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we thought it was the most important gift you could get. we have to copies of this 2000 page monstrosity. we are going to give one a way over here and one over here. here is our suggestion. everybody take one page or have the page. if you find a member of congress, ask him to explain it to you. at least they can say they have read part of it. all i wanta say is, you are the most beautiful sight any of us freedom fighters have seen for a long time. god bless you and what you have done. god bless america. [applause] >> now for our benediction, the
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pastor from dallas, texas. >> as we prepared to pray, we represent many in america who are concerned about what is going on here in america. there are four things were deeply concerned about which brings us to this moment. we are concerned there is in of life counseling and death panels inside this health care. we believe that is against the law of nature and of nature's god. we believe that rationing is death care, based upon economic viability. we believe that is against the judeo-christian ethic that this nation was built upon. we believe that the public option is tyranny, socialism, and i'd ask constitution. finally, we believe abortion is in this health care, and abortion is an anti-christ.
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let us pray. eternal god, as we stand in this nation's capital, we come recognizing that this government was established for the people and by the people, that these who are here, who represent us, represent us as -- at our consent, and if they are not following what we consent to, then is our responsibility as we, the people, to get rid of them. father, we pray that you would emboldened us, strengthen us, encourage us to take on the task that is before us and to be ever vigilant in our struggle for liberty, for life, and for freedom. it is in the name of christ that we pray, and god's people said amen.
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>> join me in singing "blo god bless america." ♪ god bless america land that i love stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above. from the mountains to the prairies, to the ocean white with foam god bless america, my home sweet home god bless america ♪ my home, sweet home. ♪
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>> thank you also much, now keep fighting for freedom. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009]
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